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School Lunches



Our catering team prepare fresh meals every day for pupils and staff. Our menus are lovingly prepared by a small but perfectly formed 'Menu Board'. These foodies are passionate about preparing wholesome food that children love. New recipes are tried and tested by students and only make the menu once they have been approved by by taste teams.

The menu fully complies with the latest school food regulations, and meets the criteria for the Bronze Standard of Food For Life.

  • At least 75% of the dishes on our menu are freshly prepared in our kitchens.
  • All the meat we use is farm assured as a welfare minimum.
  • The eggs we use are from cage-free hens (in fact ours are local & free range too).
  • Our staff are supported with professional development including training in fresh food preparation.
  • Food on the menu does not contain any hydrogenated fats or undesirable additives.

 You can find the lunch menu by clicking here.

School lunches can be paid online by clicking here.