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At Beck Row Primary School, the purpose of our curriculum is to develop well-rounded individuals that have the opportunity to reach their full academic and social potential. We do this through our learning guarantees:

  • to develop the whole person in knowledge, skills understanding and attitudes
  • make meaningful links between areas of knowledge across the curriculum and the major issues of our time
  • instil independence and interdependence
  • take aspiration that has an eye on the future needs of our future citizens
  • embed the principles of life long learning
  • nuture confident, articulate and expressive pupils
  • promote the emotional and physical well-being of children
  • draw on local, national and international contexts to develop successful global citizens
  • is filled with rich first hand, purposeful experiences in and beyond the classroom
  • responsive to indivudals needs and interests

For further information, the half termly class newsletters inform parents of the curriculum content for each half term in more detail. Please see your child' class page for this information.

We believe that successful learners are pupils who:

  • are creative and independent
  • evalulate their own work effectively
  • listen to new ideas with an open ear
  • try hard to acheive their best
  • use maths and English skills in a variety of contexts
  • work collaboratively in pairs, small groups and whole class
  • use what they already know in new and unknown contexts
  • are enthusiastic about their learning
  • use technology to enhance learning

WOW days

Throughout the year, the whole school will have the opportunity to engage in a whole day of "WOW!" learning. These days are designed to extend pupils thinking and experience that are not necessarily covered through the National Curriculum content. This year, we have had a whole school "Design and Make a Christmas Decoration Day" and a visiting author day. Up and coming Wow days are "Portrait gallery"; "Steel Pan Band Day" and Kitchen Science Day. Please see our WOW day link for a gallery of photographs and pupil/staff quotes.

Britsh Values

Our long term and medium plans make particular reference to the teaching of British values through our RE; PSHE and Citizenship Schemes of work. Our assemblies also cover aspects of British Values.

Guest Speakers

We value the use of guest speakers in developing pupils love of learning and understanding the context in which that pearning can apply in real life. As much as possible, guest speakers are invited in to engage with the pupils, spark an interest in a particular topic or hold question and answer sessions to embrace the pupils natural curiosity.